Q: What is a photo session with you like?

A: I like to go to each photo session a little early to get a feel of the lighting. When you arrive, we’ll make sure to get the necessary “safe” shots first, whether you need a family portrait to hang on your wall or an image to brighten up a card, I’ll make sure to get it first. Then I like to capture a series of candid images, something that shows more personality and movement. I do my best to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. If time is permitting, I like to bring a small activity for you to do – whether it be flying a kite or blowing bubbles. This helps to bring out and showcase your individuality.

Q: How many pictures can I expect from a photo session?

A: For a 30 minute session, I can guarantee 15-20 individually edited images. For an hour session, I can guarantee 25+ individually edited images. For an hour and a half session – recommended for newborn shoots or shoots with wardrobe changes – I will deliver 35+ edited images. Pictures take about 1 week from shoot to edit and be delivered. Click here to see rates and package details.

Q: What can I expect when I book a film?

A: Before our film date, we will discuss (through phone/email/or over lunch) some ideas for the look and content of your film. I’ll try to fit the filming experience to your personality and expectations. On the day of the filming, we will meet at location and have a blast. A week later, I will send you a private link so you can preview your film. If there are any changes needed, I’ll fix them right away. Then one week later, you will get your product in the mail: 1-2 DVDs in tin cases and a USB with your digital copy of your HD film, and if it’s not hot, some chocolate.

Q: Why should I book a videographer to my wedding/reception?

A: While it is obvious that photography is essential on your wedding day, videography is often overlooked. Videography is vital to capturing the feeling of that day and can capture toasts, dances, cake smashes in ways pictures can never do. I’ve often had clients come back to me and saw they sobbed when they were able to rewatch their wedding day. You know what, I sometimes cry when I edit them, so it’s okay!

Q: Do you travel?

A: I’d love to travel! I’ve flown from Utah to Seattle and Florida to Utah just to film weddings. If you are thinking of getting married at Disney World (and lots of people do), I’m just a skip and a hop away.

Q: How are you different from other videographers?

A: I like to record interviews of my clients who are getting engaged or married so their films can be more personalized by their thoughts and feelings. I have edited videos for lds.org and BYUtv, so I have experience in storytelling, and I can tell you even in small films, story is king. While some videographers may focus on the beauty of the scene, I strive to capture the heart of the people I film—something that will be more meaningful to the viewer as they look back on their memories. Also, I have a very nonintrusive approach to filming, something that helps me capture genuine actions and emotions. Have you been to a wedding where the photographer or videographer staged shots half the time? That’s hard on the host and the guests. I’ll be your fly on the wall so you can have a more enjoyable filming experience.