Amelia: Apple Basket Newborn Photo Session

How lucky was I to capture Amelia when she was just 5 days old. As we worked to find a place in the house with enough light, I felt drawn to their front courtyard where the warm weather and soft morning light made for a perfect baby sleeping area.



It wasn’t all buttery smooth though. At first we put Amelia face-down in the basket, which encouraged her to flop forward and almost tumble out. Later, we went diaperless to get some cute baby bum shots. Feeling free and breezy, she pooped 3 times on her mom’s black dress. Afterwards, we were tired but laughing.


In the end, Amelia woke up enough to cuddle with her older brother. I love how natural and intimate this moment is, her brother still in his underwear, bouncing with energy and still just long enough to plant a kiss on his sister’s head.

Newborn photography is so priceless. Here are some tips for when you try it:

  1. As a general rule, 5-14 days is the best time to photograph a newborn because he/she has lost their umbilical cord but is still sleepy most of the time.
  2. Be flexible and plan plenty of time for your newborn photo session. The baby may cooperate, but he/she may need to spend half the time nursing.
  3. If you get the baby comfortable in one set-up, consider changing the background or the wardrobe/blanket without moving the baby.
  4. A baby’s expression can change from second to second, so you need to be ready for when they randomly give you a milk-smile.

Let me know if you have any other good ideas!



Downtown Professional Headshots with Alycen

Jacksonville’s Main Street Bridge is the perfect place to capture a professional headshot. The early morning light mixed perfectly with the bold blue girders and, of course, Alycen’s beautiful red hair.

The challenge with professional headshots is to portray your subject with the correct balance or strength and confidence with approachability. Alycen was the perfect model, because unlike my one-year-old, she listened to me! She also let me know what felt weird or comfortable – so helpful!

I’m looking forward to more of these in the future!








Christmas Minis – Made Easy!

Christmas Minis Ad 1

How often have you wanted to send out Christmas cards and pictures but are too lazy to get props, clothes, and a photographer together? I’m raising my hand too. But with these Christmas mini sessions, all you need to do is wake up, comb your hair, and come on over! I’ll have cookies, mistletoe, and glitter you can blow at the camera if you so fancy. But uh, don’t wear a coat like I made my daughter do in the picture above. It’s Florida.

See you November 4th!

Peter and Alex Wedding Video

After compiling the photo slideshow of Peter and Alex’s childhood photos, I was in tears, because time really does go too fast. Childhood photos are paired with the highlights of their wedding day in Orlando, Florida. Family flew in from across the country for the occasion. The bride wore her the same wedding dress her mother and older sister got married in! The reception venue was bright and beautiful! Well, see for yourself…

Hall Family Photo Session

The Hall Family was so fun to photograph because they have four energetic boys with very distinct personalities. I was trying to utilize my newly learned posing techniques that required each member of the family to be touching another family member (to show relationship), and the boys were such good sports when I pushed them to hold hands or hug each other.

My favorite picture is the second in this series. I asked the family to say, “ha, ha, ha,” hoping to get more candid smiles, and their second youngest son starts laughing in this goofy, fake laugh. The whole family looks at him with really endearing smiles.

That, photogenic mom and dad, and the beautiful backgrounds in Alpine Groves Park made for a truly lovely evening.





Susan + Ron – Beach Sunrise Photo Session

It had been a week of thunderstorms, but the morning I met Susan and Ron at the beach, it was the perfect morning with pink wispy clouds. Susan and Ron had just celebrated their 29th anniversary. It was nice photographing a couple so comfortably in love.


Just a glimpse of the editing that takes place after the photo session, here is the original image juxtaposed with the final image:

Original Image
Edited Image

I wanted to bring out the pink of the clouds, so I did a layer where I just exposed for sky. Another layer was exposed for the foreground. Finally, I took out the yellow ropes so we could focus more on our subjects. Also, I warmed up the coloring so the skin tone looked more alive.

Here’s one more:

Original Image
Edited Image

Again, I added more warmth to the coloring of the picture and tweaked exposure for sky and foreground separately. I also took out the two swimmers in the back. It’s good to preserve the illusion that they are alone on the beach. I did like the two seagulls in the background because it mirrored our couple.

What a fun experience with two beautiful people! I’d gladly go to the beach at the crack of dawn any day.