Mother and Daughters: Bird Island Park

Sunset, at the the boardwalks of Bird Island Park, illuminated the water, the trees, and the beautiful faces of this close-knit family. The way they laugh when they are together is something I could never recreate if they were alone. So I’m glad the sisters joked together, the daughters teased their mom, and they came together in a way that reminds me of my mom and I.


3X7A6195 bwlogo


I love the way their hands are interlocked in the shot above. It’s so symbolic. Did I tell them to do that? I don’t remember. Let’s just say, yes.

I’m standing on an apple box, leaning over them, trying not to spit as I talk. Luckily, we pulled off this creative angle to highlight the family eyes.


I told Sarah and Hannah to hold hands. Sarah says, “Then we might look like a couple,” but they held hands anyway and pretended to dance and cracked each other up.

3X7A6381 logo

This dog was so sweet and so in love with everyone, especially his mom. His tongue never retracted, but still managed to look classy.


The light was fading fast here, but it manages to cast one last glimmer on Hannah’s beautiful hair.


Could this be symbolic too?

All in all, great evening with a mother and her daughters.

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